Capital Compression

As the wind deposits dust, and dirt settles into soil, the landscape forms. The amassment of dirt and specks transfers pressure upon pressure, upon pressure. What erodes elsewhere, gathers here. Until carbon turns into diamond, and compression into capital.

Capital Compression explores the poetics of blockchain technology – photographically and discursively. The publication employs and tests strategies of authentication and documentation. A hashed poem in nineteen lines, a series of twenty photographs, and an essay intertwine. Each appropriates aspects of blockchain: its functioning, appeal and semiotics.

Capital Compression
Arnout De Cleene
Michiel De Cleene
Roma Publications 446
Designed by Tjobo Kho
ISBN 978-94-6446-039-1
20+12 pages, softcover in silkscreened pvc cover
10,00 EUR

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